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...after a degree in advertising and PR I found myself organising outdoor sports events... maybe selling stuff wasn't really my calling I guess.. 

At that time a couple of friends and I, started a crowdfounding campaign to save the historical local ski station, and in case you're wondering, if you're asking and looking for money, you do thing yourself, so I started to play, as a dj.

As long as I can remember, due to that first gig on the snow I found myself behind a controller 4 times in a month, restaurant, clubs, shop openings and an unforgettable party in Bohol, Philippines.

Back in Europe, it was time to listen and play, play and listen, I thought, and so I did.

I played every time I had a chance (and I still do), combining my events and lifestyle with the music, that meant playing in ski, snowboard, downhill, climbing, wakeboard events as well as clubs, private events, restaurants, etc.

In less than a year I was flying to Berlin to party and joining a crew to build a stage in Afrikaburn. Crazy right?!

When you spend 20 days in a desert to build a stage in a techno festival you realise a lot of things, trust me.

My biggest clear thought then was "is time to fully dedicate myself to this", and with "this" I mean make a crowd moving by a single rythm, create an unique shared vibration and drive it through an unforgettable and unrepeatable journey.

Back to Europe again, last big event and then first ticket to somewhere else for me and my controller.

Siargao : a remote island of the Philippines where my bros were building their place and toursim was at its early stage. A dj was kind of needed. From a fullmoon party in July till  the New years' eve party I was playing mostly everyday, surfin' different genres and vibes. I re-learned Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, R'n'R, Electro, Pop, 80's and many others... i mean playing mostly every night, can you imagine?

After that was time to wear shoes again but not constantly.... Oz, Sydney, again.

Looking back down under I have to say that I've spent more time studying music than playing it but was worth it. Worth months to recollect the energy again and complete another spectacular mission in SA: Afrikaburn chapter II for me, as a member of the hauptbanhof crew.

Less epiphanies this time but still a meaningful experience.

Back to Europe. Different kid.

I was enjoying an Italian hot summer with gigs here and there then, in a lazy Tuesday afternoon by a pool, I thought: "You want to be a better dj? Go somewhere a lot of djs are".... makes sense no?! 

Berlin then!

No kidding, i like cities but 2, 3 days and that's it. I like sun, sea and I like to wear shoes only when I ride my super cool motorbike.

Ibiza then!

Music has changed since that day, a lot. I've been playing in private parties, ceremonies, alongside with amazing musicians from all over the world and weddings too.. and when I'm not on the island is because i'm playing somewhere else. As official Italian dj for Don Papa Rum I went from Turin to Naples... passing by Florence and others amazing cities.... and eventually in the race circuit like Monza or Glemseck (Stuttgart), thanks to cafe racer passion. 

The attitude is always the same, play as much as you can, enjoy life as much as you can.

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